Absence of Colour: Spectrum of Colour Book 1 by Susan Wee

‘Absence of Colour’ is an engaging and intriguing tale of escaping the past and searching for identity and justice.

Susan Wee 1 Absence of Colour

The band of characters in this book are quite well developed, and the reader is drawn into a strong feeling of empathy with Conny, Frankie and Twig in particular. The villain is well-drawn and distinctly odious: there are times when  his actions do make the reader uncomfortable and quite angry. This sets the action of the story in motion: each of the main characters and a number of the minor characters must work together to achieve justice and to reclaim that which has been taken from them.

The book brings some resolution to the conflicts faced by Twig and Conny, along with a sense of relief in the immediate circumstances, but the reader is also very aware that there are still questions and problems that remain unsolved. In this way, the reader is strongly motivated to read the second book in the series – ‘The Colour of Evil’.  The title itself is both enticing and ominous, leaving the reader intrigued and eager to know more.

I’ve given this book a good solid 4 stars.

You can find Absence of Colour Book 1, and the rest of the series, on Susan Wee’s Amazon page.

Mystery Thriller Week Book Review: El Dorado 1 & 2 by Ben Hammott

History and the present intertwine in this ripping yarn of adventure and adversity deep in the Amazon jungle. This is an absolutely fantastic story in which Ben Hammott has crafted an ingenious tale full of great characters, all of whom are likeable but not necessarily always good people.

The story hooks readers with the mysteries of the past and legends of treasure, and then connects to them through the descendants of the original adventurers. 

From that point on, this pair of books takes the reader on a journey through rough terrain, down treacherous rivers, and territory inhabited by previously unknown tribes. 

Reading these books made me feel like I was on an Indiana Jones adventure, with a bit of King Solomon’s Mines thrown in for good measure. It had plenty of heart-in-your-throat moments, a tantalising amount of mystery and intrigue, and some really engaging characters and dialogue to keep the story moving.
5 stars for this great book that would suit any reader from YA upwards.

I cannot recommend these books highly enough.








You can buy the books individually, or as a set at a discounted price, which 616ai5ervgl-_ux160_
is how I bought them. They’re fantastic reading, so indulge yourself and get both!





Mystery Thriller Week Book Review: The Merlon Murders by Victoria Benchley

S25270390et in Scotland, ‘The Merlon Murders’ is an intriguing mystery revolving around the death of a prominent local identity.  Duncan Dewar sets out to investigate the death and finds himself in a complex web of local social relationships, loyalties and interpersonal history. Benchley has developed a wonderful cast of characters and a very authentic feeling in her Scottish settings.
‘The Merlon Murders’ Book 1 sets the scene and gets the reader involved in local life in the village of Taye, where the reader is enticed by a number of minor questions and mysteries that evolve along with the main storyline.
However, the book ends on a cliffhanger without any warning, and without any solution at all to either the minor questions or the main mystery. The answers are promised in Book 2, a fact which left this reader feeling less than satisfied, being one who is accustomed to a mystery book delivering resolution to the problem and complications established in the plot rather than just being left hanging.


I really enjoyed reading this book, but the ending left me disappointed. Despite that, I’ve given it four stars, because it’s a great read.

Author Spotlight: Aliya DalRae

Aliya DalRae is the author of ‘Sweet Vengeance’, the first book in the Jessica Sweet Trilogy.

‘Sweet Vengeance’ delivers a fabulous blend of magic, vampires, fantasy, and mystery, and is a great story written with humour and flair. It’s a fabulous read for 18+ readers.


The second book of the trilogy  in the coming months is highly anticipated by fans of ‘Sweet Vengeance’.
If you don’t yet have a copy, grab yours today! You won’t be sorry!
You can watch Elliot Brooks’ book review on Youtube.
The Book Squirrel review of ‘Sweet Vengeance’is pretty good reading, too!
You can follow Aliya on social media:

twitter: @AliyaDalRae

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15019566.Aliya_DalRae

Amazon: https://smile.amazon.com/Aliya-DalRae/e/B01C9MZ0OW

Author Spotlight: R.M. Gauthier

R.M. Gauthier is the author of a number of published books: ‘Longing’, ‘Control’ and ‘Waiting’ share related characters, although they are not necessarily sequential.
‘Control’ is the first of three books in the Landon Miller myster/thriller/hot reads series.
Renee is currently working on its sequel, ‘Bound’, which is due for release this year.

What people are saying about ‘Control’:
“Every chapter is a tease and the ending…seriously.”
“If you thought ’50 Shades’ was good, this is better.”
“Strong psychological drama…”

Read the Books Squirrel’s review of ‘Control’ here.
Renee demonstrates her versatility as a writer in ‘Christmas Miracle in July’, a holiday based romance novella. Don’t be fooled by the heading – it makes great reading at any time of the year!
In addition to writing, Renee is accomplished in filmmaking and directing, which can clearly be seen in the book trailers she creates for her works.
You can see Renee’s bio, books and book trailers on her website at http://www.rmgauthier.com/

You can follow Renee on the following social media:
twitter: @Ren071968
Insta: r.m.gauthier

Please support Renee and check out her books. They’re great!