New Release Books!

There have been some fabulous books released in the past couple of weeks.

‘The Rite of Wands’ by Mackenzie Flohr.

Released on March 10th, 2017, this book is already gathering hype and receiving some incredible reviews.

See it and read the reviews on Amazon.



‘The Soul’s Hope’ by Beverly Knauer. 

Released on Feb 27th, 2017, this book is also receiving rave reviews.Thought-provoking and hopeful, it promises to be a rewarding read.

Read the Book Squirrel Author Spotlight
on Beverly Knauer.

See it and read the reviews on Amazon.

‘Sediments’ by Lyra Shanti.

Known for her ‘Shiva XIV’ magical realism/
sci- fi/fantasy  series of novels, Shanti reveals her diversity as a writer in this collection of beautiful poetry.

‘Sediments’ has been available for some time as an illustrated paperback, but has just become available for kindle.

See the kindle version and read the reviews on the paperback at Amazon.

‘The Unravelling’ by Sarah Northwood.

A gripping psychological thriller that will have you hooked till the end.

‘The Unravelling’ already has a number of 5 star reviews, and looks like it will be the next big thing in the psych-thriller genre.

See it and read the reviews on Amazon.








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