Book Review: ‘The Mages’ Stones’ by India Emerald

‘The Mages’ Stones’ by India Emerald is one of the books listed in the Book Squirrel February Reading Challenge.

This is a unique collection of stories that share characters and an overall plot, while each has its own individual focus – just like the stones for which they are named.


The stories are interesting and well-crafted. It was exciting that the pieces of the overall puzzle fell slowly into place as I read, often without my even realising that was happening.

For me, the beauty of reading the stories as a complete collection was not having to wait between instalments. This enabled the tension to really build as each story progressed toward the final resolution.

I really enjoyed reading ‘The Mages Stones’. It left me wondering what my stone would be, and which of my traits it would work best with.

.5 stars are the reward for a great read. Well done, Ms Emerald!


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