Mystery Thriller Week Book Review: El Dorado 1 & 2 by Ben Hammott

History and the present intertwine in this ripping yarn of adventure and adversity deep in the Amazon jungle. This is an absolutely fantastic story in which Ben Hammott has crafted an ingenious tale full of great characters, all of whom are likeable but not necessarily always good people.

The story hooks readers with the mysteries of the past and legends of treasure, and then connects to them through the descendants of the original adventurers. 

From that point on, this pair of books takes the reader on a journey through rough terrain, down treacherous rivers, and territory inhabited by previously unknown tribes. 

Reading these books made me feel like I was on an Indiana Jones adventure, with a bit of King Solomon’s Mines thrown in for good measure. It had plenty of heart-in-your-throat moments, a tantalising amount of mystery and intrigue, and some really engaging characters and dialogue to keep the story moving.
5 stars for this great book that would suit any reader from YA upwards.

I cannot recommend these books highly enough.








You can buy the books individually, or as a set at a discounted price, which 616ai5ervgl-_ux160_
is how I bought them. They’re fantastic reading, so indulge yourself and get both!






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