The February Reading List Challenge!

I made a valiant effort to get through everything on my reading list for January.
However, I got distracted by the books I promised to read  and review for Mystery Thriller Week. I guess I should have put those on the January list instead of some of the others.

The books I read in January were:

‘Miramne the Magdala’ by J.B. Richards.  This is a magnificent book.
Read my review!           See it on Amazon.

‘Fallen Into Bad Company’ by Kayla Jindrich. This one is a ripper.
See the review I wrote!     See it on Amazon.

Shiva XIV’ by Lyra Shanti. This book is amazing.
Read my review.          See it on Amazon.

El Dorado: Search for the Lost City 1&2 by Ben Hammott. Fantastic!
My full review will be posted during Mystery Thriller Week.  See it on Amazon.

‘The Lover’s Portrait’ by Jennifer S Alderson. I could not put this down.
My full review will be posted during Mystery Thriller Week.  See it on Amazon.

‘Mona Lisa’s Secret’ by Phil Phillips. Brilliant!
My full review will be posted during Mystery Thriller Week. See it on Amazon.

‘The Merlon Murders’ Book I by Victoria Benchley. Mysterious, indeed!
My full review will be posted during Mystery Thriller Week. See it on Amazon.

That’s quite a list, don’t you think? Now, on to the next challenge…


The books I’m planning to read in February, in no particular order, are:

‘The Rainbow Serpent’ by Lyra Shanti. This is a reinvention of the Garden of Eden story. I’ve read the first two pages as a preview, and can’t wait to read the rest. The writing is excellent.   See it on Amazon. 

‘The Mages’ Stones’ by India Emerald. I can’t wait to read this. It looks fascinating. Stones and their properties, magic, and fantasy. Yes, please.
See it on Amazon.

‘Reclamation’ by Sandy Frediani. From the blurb, this looks like  the central character experiences a dilemma between greed and moral duty. I like the sound of that.
See it on Amazon.

‘Call of the Kythshire’ by Missy Sheldrake. This looks to be a magical fantasy/mystery with a great storyline. Just the sort of thing I love!  It’s also very cool that it has illustrations by the author herself!  It’s the first in the Keepers of the Wellsprings series.
See it on Amazon.

Each of these books is less than $5 for the ebook on Amazon.
Whether you have android or iDevice, the Kindle app is free, and works really well.

Obviously, I don’t have my own books on my reading list. If you’re making your list, don’t forget to add Leaf and New Horizons! They’re both great reads for the New Year.

Why don’t you join me in supporting Indie authors in 2017?
Take the challenge and read some of these great books this month. Then let me know what you thought of them in the comments below!



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