Author Spotlight: Lyra Shanti


Lyra Shanti is a most accomplished author, poet, songwriter, and musician.

Lyra has recently launched the third book in her Shiva XIV Series, ‘The Riddle of the Gods’. If you’re looking for something in the realm of sci-fi/fantasy with a gripping storyline, you should definitely grab Lyra’s Shiva XIV series. It has recently been reviewed on Niume, as well as Amazon and Goodreads, as “the next space epic you need to read”. It’s really that good. You can read this blog’s review of the first book, Shiva XIV, here.



Lyra  has also published two books of poetry and a novella, ‘The Rainbow Serpent’, in which Lyra recreates the story of the Garden of Eden as told by the serpent.

According to her most recent Amazon review for ‘The Rainbow Serpent’, this book is “Flawless in composition … plainly, yet eloquently written with beautiful imagery that reflects the universal truths of life”  so that “the reader is left to ponder the extent of predestination vs. free will to execute one’s choices along the spectrum of morality since Creation.”

Lyra has author profiles at both Goodreads and Amazon.

You can also follow Lyra on social media:
Instagram: lyrashanti
twitter: @LyrtaShanti

website: www.lyrashanti.comYou can support Lyra’s work at:

Copromote: LyraShanti
Patreon:  where Lyra’s patrons have access to exclusive material and previews.
Shanti’s ‘The Rainbow Serpent’ will be on my February Reading Challenge list next week.
Why don’t you join me in reading this fascinating book?

One thought on “Author Spotlight: Lyra Shanti

  1. Really trrhowtutsy blog. Please keep updating with great posts like this one. I have booked marked your site and am about to email it to a few friends of mine that I know would enjoy reading..


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