Author Spotlight: Eva Pasco


Eva Pasco is the author of ‘An Enlightening Quiche’ and ‘Underlying Notes’.
Both her novels explore issues relevant to women in the 21st century while taking readers on a journey that engages them with wonderfully crafted characters and intriguing storylines.
Eva is currently doing a round of book signings in her local area in addition to interviews both online and in her local area media. If you’re in/near the Rhode Island area, you should definitely follow Eva for updates on her local events.
You can read one of Eva’s most recent interviews on author-eva-pasco-3LILbooklovers’ blog  where Eva is described as ” one of the nicest and most supportive authors I have interacted with”. From my own experience, this is certainly true of Eva!
Eva has author profiles at:



You can also visit Eva’s website at
Reviews of Eva’s book ‘An Englightening Quiche’ can be read here.

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