My December Reading List.

It’s coming into summer here in Australia, and I’ve reached the end of the school year, so my list this month is slightly more ambitious than it usually is. My focus is on Indie authors this month, because JK Rowling doesn’t really need my money at the moment, regardless of how much I need that latest book.

My December reads, in no particular order except for #1, are:

Sweet Vengeance by Aliya DalRae.  I started this one a few weeks ago, but got lost in the maelstrom of marking exams and writing reports, so this will be the first one I pick up.I’ve read the first five chapters, and I’m enjoying it so far.
See it on Amazon.

The Mages’ Stones by India Emerald. I can’t wait to read this. It looks fascinating. Stones and their properties, magic, and fantasy. Yes, please.
See it on Amazon.

Reclamation by Sandy Frediani. From the blurb, this looks like the central character experiences a dilemma between greed and moral duty. I like the sound of that.
See it on Amazon.

The Rainbow Serpent by Lyra Shanti. This is a reinvention of the Garden of Eden story. I’ve read the first two pages, and it draws you in. The writing is excellent.
See it on Amazon. 

Chasing the Chalice by Laura Charlotte Berlin. This is a short-ish read – 24 poems in all, but I am sure there will be some contemplation and staring off into space while I’m reading them. Poetry has that effect on me.
See it on Amazon.

The Missing Butler and Other Life Mysteries by J. Schlenker. A collection of whimsical and thought-provoking short stories.
See it on Amazon. 

Call of the Kythshire by Missy Sheldrake. This looks to be a magical fantasy/mystery with a great storyline. Just the sort of thing I love!  It’s also very cool that it has illustrations by the author herself!  It’s the first in the Keepers of the Wellsprings series.
See it on Amazon.

Each of these books is less than $5 for the ebook on Amazon.
Whether you have android or iDevice, the Kindle app is free, and works really well.

Obviously, I don’t have my own books on my reading list. If you’re making your list, don’t forget to add Leaf and New Horizons!
Thanks for supporting Indie authors this Christmas!


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